M03 Kyiv-Kharkiv-Dovzhanskiy Road

Supervision of civil rehabilitation works

     Owing to the World Bank loan, Ukravtodor finances the repair of the national road M03 from Kyiv to Kharkiv on 6 sections (lots). The M03 road is one of major national traffic axes, linking Kyiv to the Eastern part of Ukraine.

Poltava oblast
Date: 14.01.2013 - 13.07.2016
Duration: 42 months
Client: State Road Agency of Ukraine (Ukravtodor )

Project overview

     The project concerns capital repair works on Contract 2 (44 km between Lubny and Poltava). The concerned road sections mostly cross through a flat terrain. The existing road surface showed serious rutting and deformation failure and is in urgent need of repair. In addition, the road lacked adequate roadside drainage ditches to protect the road sub-grade and the embankment structures.

     The following scope of works is planned on the mentioned sections:

  • widening of carriageway to 4 lanes (up to category I);
  • local realignment of existing longitudinal profile;
  • installation of safety barriers;
  • overlays of existing pavement;
  • laying base course using the existing pavement;
  • repair and installation of surface water drainage;
  • road markings;
  • installation of new road traffic signs;
  • arrangement of bus-stop pavement areas;
  • arrangement of lighting;
  • repair and widening of existing culverts.

Our missions

     Egis International shall assist the Ukravtodor to administer the World bank funded contract and perform as the Engineer as per FIDIC Red Book.

Egis tasks include:

  • guarantee of completion in time;
  • guarantee of the quality of the Works;
  • ensure efficient Contract management in compliance with FIDIC Red Book and Ukrainian law;
  • efficient financial management.