Supervision of civil rehabilitation works for road safety improvement and “Black Spots” elimination

     Ukravtodor applied for World Bank financing to cover the implementation costs of “Roads and Safety Improvement Project”.

Duration: 53 months
Client: State Road Agency of Ukraine (Ukravtodor )

Project overview

     The need for capital repair and improvement covers 44 sites. Most of road safety improvement works are located in the southern part of Ukraine. Understanding the difficulty to manage such a scatted works, the Employer decided to split them into 4 contracts (2 in AR Crimea and 2 in the Odessa region). 

Our missions

     The works included the widening of carriageways and bridges, the construction of pedestrian bridges, footways and climbing lanes, improvements to street lighting, the installation of safety barriers and road markings, and carriageway repairs. The amount of electrical works required the participation of a Senior Electrical Engineer on a part-time basis.

     The road rehabilitation supervision services were implemented in accordance with FIDIC conditions of contract (Red Book).

     The contracts in Crimea included inter alia the following: installation of 1,000 trolley bus line posts, about 45,000 m2 of pavement (asphalt-concrete), installation of approx. 1,000 lamps to lighting posts, around 70,000 m of kerbs, 35,000 m of metal barriers. The works included also the diversion of utilities such as around 75,000 m of cables and 40,000 m of communication lines.