IFI Tender Documentation Expert

I joined Egis in early 2010 when it was launching the "Lviv Public Transport Project". Since my previous activities were mainly limited to translation, the multi-faceted and dynamic work as an Assistant to the Project Manager was an interesting new experience. It helped me not only to acquire new knowledge in the fields of international agreements, public procurement, tendering procedures, financial arrangements, etc., but also to get to know better my home city, its history, and development prospects.

During five years of working at Egis, I also had an opportunity to participate in the "Lviv Roads Rehabilitation & Modernisation Project" as Translator/Interpreter and Project Manager’s Assistant (2010-2011), and am currently working in the “Lviv District Heating Project” (since July 2014).

Working at Egis always keeps teaching you new things. Apart from a variety of technical areas, there are always new issues to be settled in the course of project implementation, new peculiarities caused by changes in legislation, and Egis experts regularly cover financial, legal, environmental and other aspects of international contracts. Throughout these years, I have learnt that, not least of all, the consultant’s task is to maintain good relations with the client, based on trust and honesty. It requires an individual approach to people, ability to convince not only with reasonable arguments, but with willingness to pay attention to all concerns, to give not only advice but support as well.

Egis never lets you sit still. The efficiency of project implementation depends on each of us. New challenges require constant self-improvement, extension of knowledge, and development of skills. This is largely enhanced by meeting Egis experts who freely share their valuable experience.

Implementing Egis projects in Lviv has helped me to realize Ukraine’s need for international support, particularly in today's difficult times, in order to improve our lives and to approach the European standards.